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Relax and allow the lo-fi beats to permeate your precious mind. Cloudchord is taking us on an adventure through the unknown. Taken By The Sky EP is the latest project from the chillhop mastermind. The four-track EP explores new depths to Cloudchord’s distinctive and flavorful sound. With his slick guitar riffs and bubbly production, Cloudchord once again captures feelings of pure happiness wrapped up in the form of four sparkling new tunes.

The Austin-based producer has a knack for turning simplicity into something remarkably innovative and exciting. Providing a new take on modern electronic music, Cloudchord has been able to effortlessly mend his superb guitar skills to formulate out of this world, euphoric melodies. Groovy riffs are laid down while the producer contorts the beats into chilled out daydreams. With such success already from numerous EPs such as Attunement, Koi Pond & Imprint, Cloudchord kicks off 2020 with a new twist on his sound. Let your mind be free as you press play and enter Cloudchord’s latest voyage. 

Monsoon’ is the first track off the EP. As the track pixelates and the rush of sounds enter your ears, Cloudchord sprinkles in feelings of hope as the beat twinkles with beams of light over silky piano keys. Those groovy guitar licks help to build up the track that unravels into a burst of pleasant sounds. Snare kicks and 808s add some spice to the tune, giving it and yourself that upbeat feeling of joy. 

Taken By The Sky’ accentuates Cloudchord’s wizard-like capabilities on the guitar.

The notes become center stage as the strings take your mind and body on a journey to a higher state of consciousness. As soon as that first melody is laid down, you can’t help but feel like your mind is on a mission. The breathtaking soundscapes provide an epic backdrop sounding like a movie soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. This track feels more like a visual than an auditory experience. 

Hustle Dust’ pays homage to the signature sound of Cloudchord we originally fell in love with. This high-energy track bubbles over with groovy delectables. From the bouncy drum breakdowns to the airy guitar-shredding that floats over this tune. The repeated beat switches are electric and fast while the instrumentation bridges the gap between a party and chilling.

Sleet’ is the final tune on this EP and closes out the project beautifully. Creating that allure of the beat slowly trickling down around you, ‘Sleet’ is warm, rich and packed with a medley of sounds from all over the spectrum. Sit back and allow the crisp guitar strings to pluck at your mind. The producers Ableton skills take over as an array of wonky noises are cooked up to fill your mind with a feeling of dissolving like snow. As you evaporate, so does the album, coming to a close.

Stream the new EP from Cloudchord below and unwind from all the stress your holding onto. Please do us a favor and give this man a follow on socials. After hinting that he has some announcements for the summer slated, it’s clear that exciting things are coming from this unique producer. And did we mention he just got hit up by DISNEY??!! It’s time to tune into Cloudchord.

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