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Today is Earth Day which is one of the best holidays, tbh. And we know we are all waiting on the day to run back to that fresh green grass at festivals without a single care in the world. But with the ever-changing world, comes tasks for us, humans, to take care of our planet.

The EDM community is no stranger to helping out planet earth. From helping artists to doing your part at music festivals, there are so many examples of showing off your green thumb all year long. Let’s start with an obvious one.

Electric Forest- keep the forest clean!

Electric Forest is an environmentally conscious music festival. The festival has its own community that helps the environment called Electricology. Electricology rewards the forest fam with exclusive prizes and festival experiences if they participate. Some ways to help the festival are using the compost bin at the festival, helping clean up the grounds, and carpooling to Electric Forest. You do these things and you earn eco points for unique prizes at eco stores at Forest.

We mentioned cleaning up at the festival as well and at the end of each night, the prize cart comes out to play. You grab bags and help clean the grounds of different stages and turn the trash in for different prizes. Unfortunately, Electric Forest is canceled this year, but you can still do all these things at home. But for now, the depression will kick in until EF2021.

How are other festivals are doing their part?

While Electric Forest has been focusing on the Earth for years and years, there are other festivals that are beginning to show how they are helping out. Gem and Jam Music Festival’s mission is all about sustainability. One of the programs they promote is carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you buy a Bonnaroo ticket, a dollar goes toward sustainability work. Bonnaroo also donates any left behind tarps, tents, and other goods. The fest also diverts leftover cooking oil for processing into biodiesel.

Outside Lands in San Francisco banned plastic straws and diverts its waste from landfills. Ultra music festivals banned polystyrene, plastic cups, balloons, and confetti. Coachella has an “energy playground” where attendees power mobile devices through kinetic energy. There are so many music festivals that are moving in the right direction in regards to sustainability.

Artists are stepping up to do their part for a better future.

Many artists are also teaming up to battle the monster known as trash. An organization called DJs For Climate Action uses its member’s influence to promote engagement towards the climate crisis. They produce events with their artists that help the environment. A-trak, Anna Lunoe, and Soul Clap are some of the artists that are helping the organization.  This Sunday, DJs For Climate Action is holding a live stream on Sunday at 10 AM EDT featuring over a hundred artists! 

Here’s to an eco-friendly festival season (or future festival season)!

I mean, if there are any festivals going on this summer, but if you go to a festival later this year here are some ways you can help the planet. 

  • Carpool to the festival.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!
  • Make sure you leave the fest the way you found it, especially at camping festivals!
  • Take that tent home with you!
  • Pack non-perishable, plant-based snacks.
  • Bring biodegradable soap, shampoo, and sunscreen.
  • Bring that refillable water bottle or hydro-pack backpack.
  • Reduce the use of glow sticks and glitter. (There’s many options for eco-friendly glitter now, research it!)

There are definitely more ways you can help but this is a basic list you can follow to reduce waste and make mother nature a happy woman (or man).

If there are festivals this year or not, there are endless activities all year long that you can do to show off that green thumb at home or elsewhere!

Happy Earth Day!

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