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Oh, the 90’s. Tamagotchi, vintage Doc Martens, Blockbuster on a Saturday night, those see through phones?!, VHS tapes, butterfly hair clips. But, THE MUSIC. First of all, the music was simply top tier. CANVAS gives us the perfect 90’s throwback sound with a lil bit of modern bass music in her new single, “Roots.”

CANVAS, formally known as Rita, is an underground producer based out of Atlanta. Over the past couple of months she has been busy working on building her signature sound. As well as, appearing on a couple of live-streams. Including: Wormhole Wednesday, and Couchfam Couchfest. The passion and love she has for music is very clear in this new project.

Are We At A 90’s Rave RN?!?!

“Roots” is a modern twist on what we would have requested at every rave in the 90’s. Nostalgic wubs that flourish into the experimental bass buildups will be sure to make you want to dance. “Roots” is both filthy and trippy. Basically, this track shows mad respect to the OG sounds of EDM with a hint of CANVAS’ own personal curve. We asked her for a quick peak into what exactly inspired her to create this track:

“Do you remember the first electronic song that hooked you?! I do! It forever changed my life and altered my perception of music entirely. With “Roots” I pay homage to that journey and those influential 90’s sounds that helped shape me as an artist today!” – CANVAS

Listen to “Roots” by CANVAS below!!!!


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