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“Nightmare Sonata.” Sound eerie, right? It is. Thanks to TRIPLESICKZ and N377, we can now pop on this track and immediately feel like we are walking through the climax of an old school horror film.

We want “Nightmare Sonata” to play next time our sleep paralysis demon comes.

This cinematic single begins with brooding soundscapes. TRIPLESICKZ and N377 add calculated layers to “Nightmare Sonata” with every turn, eventually breaking out into a stompy, bass-driven beat. Sitting at over five minutes, “Nightmare Sonata” is truly a hypnotic midtempo tune that we could listen to over and over and over and…

Providence, RI based music producer and multi-instrumentalist TRIPLESICKZ teamed up with (also Providence, RI based) N377 for this collaboration. TRIPLESICKZ cites roots in dark electronic and heavy metal, while N377 is “making cinematic space monster music for the masses.” Together, they’ve created something so beautifully haunting, we would welcome it into our bedrooms to keep us up at night.

TRIPLESICKZ (like the number, triple 6) is looking forward to her upcoming EP drop, and so are we. Coming later this year, this EP is sure to provide us with some major dark electro vibes. Spooky!!

Be sure to listen to “Nightmare Sonata” from TRIPLESICKZ and N377 HERE:

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