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SO glad to get this conversation with you going after that massive guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio you did. We’ll start this off by asking a pretty simple question. What IS “BRVMES”?

Thanks for having me and allowing me to throw down a mix for you guys. So BRVMES (semantically) is from the french word “brumes” which means misty or foggy. Exiting 2016 with an extended stay in Paris in the winter, I had an idea to start creating music that represents me and something that is really raw and the atmosphere and vibe there gave life to the entire idea. I felt like it would resonate well with other people because this gimmicky era of dance music everyone is in just isn’t sustainable. With those two things combined I decided to start creating under the name BRVMES to encompass the vision I have.

I personally first discovered you through that ravenous collab you had with LICK, “Blood Rave”. How did you come to form this relationship with LICK, and tell us about the creative process that went into “Blood Rave”.

LICK and I met over social media after really enjoying each others music. Some time passed and we were sharing music back and forth and I happened to play some stuff I had in the works and that track just clicked for us. We are both around the same age and grew up watching that OG rave scene in Blade and we just had to do that track together. The creative process was amazing and we pushed that track very quickly because we were so damn hype on it and knew we had to get it out for people to hear. It definitely defines our friendship and taste for a darker palette of music.

What’s the change been like for you moving from Indianapolis to LA, now going to ICON for music production? The grind is definitely real for you now clearly with the quality of work you’ve been putting out, but what do you feel has changed about yourself since your relocation?

Since relocating to Los Angeles the biggest change is allowing myself to be fully creative all the time. There is no more 9-5 and that is allowing me to pull multiple full studio sessions each day. So to say there is music on the way is an understatement.

As we chatted about this topic before, I dislike comparing an artist to another, as I’m sure you strive very hard to be distinguished apart from your peers, but due to the increasing demand for a sound similar to yours these last two years that seems like a boiling pot ready to burst, I think the best way as of today to explain to a new fan, or reader in this case, is your music might be in the realm of mid-tempo bass music where Rezz is at the forefront. What’s it feel like being in this dark and ominous niche of music right now that people are clinging to more and more lately? It must be exciting being behind this Dark Vibe Order revolution of electronic music.

Being classified with people such as REZZ and everyone else in Dark Vibe Order is incredible and I really appreciate that. For me it feels amazing to be apart of this niche we all have, there is still so much room for growth in it and certain vibes and elements of dance music have yet to be discovered. That’s the most exciting part about the group of people we all have. Everyone has such a unique twist on their version of “dark” music and watching that come to fruition just furthers our reach.

And where would you say you absorb your inspiration from in life to get the output you need in producing your music? I wouldn’t imagine sounds like yours comes from a long day of watching happy Disney movies. Or maybe, I’m not sure.

Inspiration for me stems from a few different things. Primarily I have a serious obsession with delivering a vision I have created in my head. It is like a full blown universe and expressing that and getting that out into the world is vital for me to keep some sanity intact. Outside of that when I’m writing new music or need to set the vibe right in the studio I’ll watch through a few hours of fashion shows or even have that playing behind Ableton Live. Even a certain photo or fashion release can spawn one or multiple full fledged tracks and while I’m writing that track,  I always make sure to keep that image up to make sure I am sonically matching the things I see or feelings I get from it.

What artists in particular would you say are influentially responsible for you being here today making these deep and dark tunes and not producing yee-haw country music for Florida Georgia Line?

In particular Erik Satie and Edith Piaf. These two are much older styles of music but defines style and a sophistication that I can only strive towards. On top of that I draw heavy influence from watching a lot of ballet and of course fashion. Some electronic artists that really resonate with me would be SNTS from Berlin, Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte, and the man himself Gesaffelstein.

So like how Gesaffelstein sports a tuxedo and a cigarette at every set for his aesthetic, what’s BRVMES have in mind?

Black Turtleneck and Doc Martens. Can’t live without those two.

Let’s say you’re granted a wish to have whatever stage design, environment, crowd aesthetic, and visuals that you can possibly imagine. What would this dream live show of yours be?

If you’re coming to my set you better be dressed in all black and ready to dance. And bonus points if you have a turtleneck on.  I’m not one for flashy gimmicks in dance music and I want to give people an authentic experience of darker edm that’s true and has a real depth to it. Simplicity is the game for me and just having a dedicated crowd all come together for the sake of music is what it’s all about. Ideally some blood raining down if we wanna go over the top. BRVMES fans have to eat.

So basically I should tell my friends we’re going to go see Dracula do a sick ass set?

Well he’s my dad… sooo… you can let them know his son is playing.

That unreleased “Corrupt” track of yours with MALIXE at the beginning of the guest mix is insane! Listening up and down through your discography, it’s really refreshing you’re showing such great consistency. Seems like you’re holding a lot of gems right now.

What’s next for BRVMES?

Thank you, man. 2019 will be a really fulfilling year as I start releasing all this new music I have been building up. I also have a few guest appearances in Salt Lake City at Get Lucky Festival and a show Minneapolis in the next few months and the rest of 2019 will be jam packed with new music.


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