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Can someone please put Blanke back on a leash, because he is out of control. First he hit us with “Shadow,” and now we have “Alchemy” along with a release date for his new EP, Change & Decay 2: The Fall. The full EP is set for release this September 18, and we can hardly wait.

Bringing something new to the table, Blanke manages to add a nice touch of melodic magic on a powerful driven drum ‘n’ bass track that’s been on repeat since it dropped. It’s a very different pace and tone compared to his previous works, but that’s exactly why we love him. He can jump around on the spectrum and gift us outstanding works of art. 

Our wonderful friends over at Deadbeats have taken in Blanke with open arms, allowing him to release his work on a label we all know and dearly love. 

And if you think you have run out of scenarios to have “Alchemy” as the theme song, think again. Our sweet bean here at EH HQ, Tony, formulated a list for the world.

Be ready for September 18th, y’all, because we’re sure Blanke is going to blow our minds with this EP.

Stream “Alchemy” by Blanke down below – out now on Deadbeats! Pre-save Change & Decay 2: The Fall here:

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