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Trap powerhouses Bro Safari and Binks have banded together for the Blissful Patterns EP, out now on Deadbeats. This beautiful fusion of electronic genres still has us spinning.

Described as downtempo trap beats to chill/study to, Blissful Patterns has a little something for everyone. Each of the four tunes has its own unique vibe while maintaining epic cohesion. We would expect nothing less than absolute heat from Binks, Bro Safari, or Deadbeats. And that’s exactly what we’ve got.

Bro Safari x Binks give us four different tracks with four different vibes on their first ever collaboration EP.

Beginning with funky and bubbling basslines, “Revival” is the definition of bliss. We are then transported into space with “Deliverance,” with it’s smooth lo-fi trap beats lulling you into track three, “Static.” Binks and Bro Safari go absolutely tf off with this one. A classic trap bop, we say! An absolute honker! Finally, the collab leaves us with “Ignition,” which is yet another phenomenal track, full of wonks and wubs thicker than your favorite oatmeal.

If you haven’t already, we think it is an definite need for you to stream Blissful Patterns from Binks and Bro Sarafi, out on Deadbeats!

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