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Getting new music is the perfect start to any week—especially new music with a little meaning behind it. Yesterday, RYNS dropped his newest single “We Will All Evolve” via Solace Family Records, and it’s all the melodic motivation we could ever need.

RYNS "We Will All Evolve"

Lets welcome you to the Solace Family

Solace is taking October by storm and dropping a new track every Monday. Each release is part of the upcoming label debut compilation. Last week we were blessed with Yum.yum’s “Bomba,” and this week, we’re rocking with RYNS’ track.

e·volve – v. develop gradually. especially from a simple to more complex form

Much like the definition of evolve, “We Will All Evolve” changes form. Developing gradually at the beginning, with beautiful vocal samples sprinkle on top of an intro built specifically for your feels. Things quickly switch and become more complex; RYNS throws listeners into a drop with the most double-cheeked up bassline I’ve heard all year. Things don’t slow down there either as RYNS decides to showcase his range. The sound gets a little choppy, a little weird, and a lot of fun as the track reaches its final form.

Hear “We Will All Evolve” for yourself below

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