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Five years after his debut single “Samuraï,” SVDKO has finally unveiled his debut EP, it’s SADKO. After a long period of uncertainty, SVDKO noted he finally sees a clear path in his career and creative output. Although he played guitar for many years, he never thought about incorporating guitar into his songs until recently. “It really boosted my creativity and gave me confidence to create an EP which combines the electronic and guitar worlds,” shared SVDKO in a press statement.

Through channeling his classical background, this stunning debut EP reaches through a variety of pop and R&B sound designs. Each of the four tracks are laced with distorted guitars and glossy electronic productions. This marks a new era for the Belgium-based producer, who has now been able to fully bring his artistic vision to life.

When I started writing ‘It’s SADKO,’ I was unsure about the direction I wanted to take. This project is a personal journey created not only by me but also by people that I have been working with for a while now and that I really care about.” -SVDKO

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