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Benny Bridges has delivered the most soothing five-track EP, The Grand Escape out now via Fantastic Tapes.

Switching up from his typical club-ready sound, Bridges pulled inspiration from Psych Rock and Motown for this EP. The Grand Escape is what you listen to when you need a reminder about how good music really is. This EP feels like a Sunday morning when you’re dancing around your kitchen in nothing but an oversized shirt.

Microwave Coffee

Like “Microwave Coffee” before you start your day, this track is smooth and exactly what you need. Bridges’ faint vocals complement the acoustics so well. It’s the perfect intro to what is to come in this EP. If you think you’re feeling yourself already, he’s just getting started.

Choreographed Objects

Big ole Tame Impala vibes with this bad boy. A truly funky and unique sound that takes so many unexpected turns. Every aspect from the bass to the symbols and groovy futuristic breakdowns, “Choreographed Objects,” is nothing short of a trip.

The Grand Escape

Hi, uh, yes, I would like to live inside this song. The title track to this EP is literally a five minute and thirty-two second, grand escape. Lush synths and drums deliver such a hopeful and feel-good sound.

Super Duper

To avoid ever being in a bad mood ever again, just never stop listening to this tune. “Super Duper” perfectly delivers a psych reggae type vibe. This track makes me feel ethereal, peaceful, and all-around satisfied. *aggressively presses repeat*

Forbidden Dreams ft. Josh Taylor

If I could have Bridges and Taylor come over every night and sing this to me before bed, I feel like I’d sleep a lot better. The EP closes out with a few “Forbidden Dreams.” This track has a dreamy lil twang to it and is the grooviest shit I’ve heard in a minute. Kind of wack it’s the last song on the EP because it leaves me wanting five more.

Things Benny Bridges did: that. I don’t see this EP leaving my daily listening cycle anytime soon.

Listen to Benny Bridges’ The Grand Escape below

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