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Self, the debut EP from Nomis.wav, is a beautiful collection of euphoric physical escapism that we are all going to need this winter. Exploring themes of reality and self-reflection, Self includes many messages that reverberate both in your ears and in your soul.

The five-track Self EP is the first-ever multi-track project from Matt Simon, out of Louisville, KY.

I don’t really like to commit myself to a single genre when I describe my music – it’s something I leave to you as a listener to decide.

Matt Simon, Nomis.wav

Nomis.wav began working on Self about a year ago.

The EP begins with “Ascend,” which was also the leading single. “Ascend” is sensory heaven, taking your breath away in beauty and discord. It’s like when your foot falls asleep, but for your brain.

Next, we have three tracks that tell the real heart of the story of Self. The title track, “Infatuation,” and “Self: Reprise” are exceedingly personal for the listener. “Self” feels like your discovery. Next, you move into the winding sound journey of “Infatuation.” And finally, releasing the self in “Self: Reprise,” where you burst through the body and become one with everything around you.

The EP concludes with a chillwave anthem, “In Reality.” This track brings everything together into a bursting conclusion of elation.

I attempted to convey a theme of self-reflection throughout the project – with each song being unique in itself but still reflecting the main theme at its core. Each track has its details that reflect the frame of mind I was in whenever I wrote it, so if you choose to dive in and analyze the project you will probably learn more about me as a person.


While Matt Simon is concluding his education at Bellarmine University, we will await more music and keep tabs on his growth as a visual artist and producer. We are majorly impressed with the debut Nomis.wav project, Self.

Support the underground and listen to the Self EP from Nomis.wav here:

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