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A typical American Dream may look like a family, a cute house in the suburbs, or starting your own business, but Benji Robot’s American Dream is slightly different. Out now exclusively on Mean Mug’s Soundcloud, Benji’s American Dream looks like flawless sound design, rap acapellas, heavy-hitting drops, and crystal clear scratches. We might be a little biased, but this version of the American Dream sounds more our speed.

Benji Robot is not one to be played with, and he has proved this time after time. 2020 was a massive year for Mr. Robot, kicking things off with the Sedona album, still one of our favorite projects to this day. Following that up with the Kutz EP, another ode to his undeniably unique sound. To start 2021 and celebrate the end of a very exhausting social climate the past 4 years, Benji drops the American Dream mix. Sharing a powerful message and an even more powerful sound.

This mix is what dreams are made of

Much like Bart Harley Jarvis, we too, wish we had vacuumed before putting this mix on, as our jaws are also on the floor. This mix features a little something for everyone, even a little politician beatboxing battle. Kicking things off in typical Benji Robot fashion, we hear these clean rises and falls as tiny beats and breaks fill the space. Then he starts to sprinkle in some bottom-tossing worthy rap acapellas, okay, okay, you have our attention. Next, we get this sweet bottom layer of his 2019 single, “Adaptation,” as he slowly adds layer upon layer of sound, we watch the mix evolve before our eyes.

Yes, we could go on and on about this mix, but we need to discuss this moment right here to get to the point. Oh baby, this is the sweetest dream I’ve ever had. Taking us completely by surprise this drop tears into you with a classic dubstep feel (OOF) but Benji takes it a step further by scratching on top of all of that (double OOF). If this is any indication of the music we can expect from Benji Robot this year, we might be in danger. 😳

Experience Benji Robot’s American Dream for yourself

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