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If you’re looking for a display of raw talent, eccentric energy, and brotherly chemistry, look no further than the Ekcle “Pearl Jigsaw” live music video. In this video, Harvey Carter and Jack Angel of Ekcle give us a live performance of their latest jawn “Pearl Jigsaw.”

We’ve discussed “Pearl Jigsaw,” and it’s original format when it dropped a few months ago. Now we’re back to show even more love to the stripped-down and raw live version of this track.

Carter and Angel display the definition of talent in this video. We get a live and direct glimpse of all the parts that went into making this intoxicating and groovy tune. Watching every string, synth, twist, and turn gives us a whole new level of appreciation for this track. Not to mention seeing these two in sync and non-verbally connected throughout the video makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Even when I thought things couldn’t get more impressive, the boys even switch around instruments throughout. It’s like they looked right into our eyes and said…range.

We have nothing but respect and appreciation for the boys of Ekcle, even more so after this music video. We loved watching these scientists first hand mixing shit up in their laboratory.

Watch the Ekcle play “Pearl Jigsaw” live in this video:

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