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Suis Generis is back, and more experimental than ever. With a variety of new artists and sounds, Full Flex Audio really spices it up with Volume 3.

To start off, Internal ERROR and ZetheX bring some fantastic drum & bass vibes to Suis Generis Volume 3. ZetheX’s “Turbo” is a certified bop that’ll have you moving your head irresistibly to the beat. In addition, the enticing building of “Erase” by Internal ERROR leads into an unforgettably catchy rhythm that adds to the texture of its soundscape.

This compilation is stacked with infusions of trap, electronica, drum & bass, and downtempo beats. From artists like Yokaze, Cleu, K-ro, Kizer and more, Suis Generis Volume 3 creates an entirely new atmosphere of sounds.

Crysus and Da’Kha show us some wickedly dark dubstep attitude with the tunes “FUKWITME”, and “Luhm”, respectively. Furthermore, Vrodex really brings some serious heat with “Evacuate”. Without a doubt, this tune will have you making some disgusting bass faces at the filth it contains.

On another note, Ijona, as well as Fertile & Extral introduce some future bass infusions followed by some filthy, deep trap. In partcular, Ijona’s “Stutter” has a mystically emotional buildup followed by a disgusting transition into the remainder of the tune’s trap beat. The instrumental break of this track really adds to all the goodness it beholds.

Indeed, MIDN!GHT, O-Prime Delta, and TaDa, have all contributed some very experimental sounds through their musical artistry. The atmosphere of what Suis Generis Volume 3 beholds is so unique, and we can’t wait to hear what these artists have in store for us next.

Check out Suis Generis Volume 3 below!

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