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Rising electronic star Align illuminates this rather gloomy start to 2020 with his stunning and uplifting new single, “Second Thoughts,” featuring Becca Krueger. This heavenly track released under Lowly Palace radiates the type of energy that simply makes you feel good, which seems to be a common theme in the Chicago producer’s discography.

As expected, Align delivers satisfying production on his latest single. Crafted with harmonious, future bass-esque elements and angelic vocal chops, each blissful layer tastefully compliments the atmosphere of the track without going unnoticed. Becca Krueger’s vocals also beautifully enhance the song without overpowering the instrumental side of production. Her soothing lyrics tell the story of a bittersweet love connection, undoubtedly speaking to the emotions of many listeners.

If you seek remedial music that elevates your mood, “Second Thoughts” is the perfect tune for you. Align’s name alone also sheds light on the pure essence and intention of his music. The concept of “alignment” especially touches on spiritual practices related to inner peace, connection, emotional balance and self-contentment. “Second Thoughts” is just one of many songs that emanates warm, uplifting energy along with comforting melodies. In addition, you can find more of Align’s calming and catchy style on his latest EP Intertwine.

Once you get a taste of Align’s infectious melodies and synths that couldn’t be sweeter, you’ll be reaching for the repeat button, sooner rather than later.

Finally, dive in and explore the sounds of Align below. Just press play, no need for second thoughts

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