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Chicago native James Fisher, otherwise known as ALIGN, is rapidly emerging in the music industry with the premier of his 5-track debut EP, “Intertwine.” Sharing similar sounds to artists like ODESZA, ALIGN beautifully mashes up the indie and electronic realms and carves out his own space as a rising producer.

“When we finally started to pull out of the winter and darker times, I felt like I had found the direction I needed to go. Overall, ‘Intertwine’ holds its name because the more I think about things, the more I realize they’re all connected and, well, intertwined.”

Captured by blacczack

ALIGN immediately gives the EP a very thematic element to it with “Embrace,” starting it off with a vintage feel and a contemplative quote from an early on LSD experiment with underlying ambient melodies. “Symmetry” is the perfect light and energetic anthem that will undoubtedly land a spot on listener’s playlists this summer. Its absolutely mesmerizing, vibrant production makes it a mood-altering track that you can listen to while you’re out with your friends or simply on your daily commute.

With euphoric, repetitive vocals on “Follow Me,” it feels like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the EP and has a way of easing your mind and letting everything else transcend away. Next up, “Thought Patterns” shows off ALIGN’s dynamic composition with airy vocal chops layered over just the right amount of downtempo bass synths, ultimately giving the track a much-needed warm, rich depth to it. He closes the EP on a vibrant note with “Found.”

Overall, I’d say that ALIGN is starting off on a high note and working hard to build a strong reputation while expressing himself in an authentic way.

Indulge in the magic and exploration of “Intertwine” below!

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North Coast Music Festival, Chicago, IL – August 30

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