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Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time to stop being sad and say “thank u, next” with the new AIR APPARENT and DAVVN single, “three strikes”, released via Beast Trap Records.

AIR APPARENT talks about how the track came to be about and said,

DAVVN and I found each other via Soundcloud. When we shared demos back and forth, “three strikes” really stood out to me both because of its delivery and lyrics. I felt like it was a gem theworld needed to hear!

From there, we collaborated back and forth on the track to try andachieve a sound that felt fresh, contemplative, poppy, but rhythmic. So excited about where itended up. I feel like it has the best parts of both of our artist projects: strong hooks, a dreamysoundscape, yet rhythmic enough to make you move


Indie pop duo, DAVVN, adds,

The song started out with completely different lyrics, melodies, and production. The track always centered around the concept of a one-sided romance. But it evolved from “your love is wasted on me” to “three strikes, then you’re off my mind”


The song is seriously the perfect breakup song. Anyone who’s taken their ex back can relate to this track 100%. The song is summed up perfectly in the first verse when DAVVN sings, “I’ve got a bad habit of giving boys chances.”

So what is the AIR APPARENT and DAVVN “three strikes” track even about?

While self-explanatory, “three strikes” has a “fool me once shame on you,” type of message. It’s a track about not needing anyone to make you happy, and cutting off relationships that don’t serve you!

Whether you’re someone who needs this advice right now or not, we definitely recommend you listening to it because it is a B O P.

Listen to AIR APPARENT and DAVVN “three strikes” now:

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