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Taking listeners on an emotional roller-coaster, Kai Wachi has teamed up with Dylan Matthew for their new single, “Run.” Kai Wachi is known for his heavy sound that’ll impress any headbanger, while Dylan Matthew might as well shoot an arrow of feelings right into our hearts with his voice.

But this isn’t the first time Kai Wachi has shown us his emotional side. (Let us recall “Photograph” from his album DEMIGOD last year.) Dylan Matthew has also worked with the top guns of SLANDER and Seven Lions, giving us tracks such as “First Time” and “Love is Gone.” With these two artists joining forces, this new track is the perfect combination.

The track kicks off with being very sentimental, having Matthew’s vocals take us deep into our feelings and thoughts. The melodic track then gradually builds up, the speed changing, which introduces the first drop. Returning to Dylan’s vocals and the melodic vibe, Kai Wachi delivers the perfect heavy, darker drop to twist the track into a different direction for the headbangers.

Just do us one small favor, don’t text your ex after listening to this great track. 

Listen to ‘Run’ by Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew below! Out now on Kannibalen Records.

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