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Zeds Dead, the founders of the Deadbeats record label, have unreleased and hidden songs that are absolute gems, and there are many which you most likely have never even heard of.

A hefty amount of these tracks are ones which they are keeping undisclosed, still possibly in production, or Zeds Dead songs that are no longer on display on their listening platforms due to unknown reasons. Although, there are several factors as to why artists’ productions are no longer playable or released, such as issues with record labels, a decision from the artist to remove the song due to them no longer feeling like it accurately represents their sound and style, not possessing the rights to remixing other songs, holding tunes exclusively to only play at live performances, works in progress, and more.

What I’d like to emphasize, is that if you are one of the people who gets upset with an artist for not releasing a certain track, you have to understand and respect that there may be more to it on why they choose not to discuss in regards to the best interests of their career and work.

Below you will find Zeds Dead productions, collaborations, links to teased clips of songs they have played live and never released, and titles that they’ve given clues as to what they are working on.

I hope this lists excites you for what they may have under their sleeves and gets you to explore them even deeper, appreciating and discovering the roots of their sounds and the beginning of their career.

Let’s get started.

Barletta – Panther (Zeds Dead Remix)

These next three songs, including this one, were found on a Soundcloud page which seems to belong to Hooks, one of the two members in Zed Dead. It appears so old that I blew at my screen and dust scattered across my keyboard. Having been released at least 7 years ago, they are not found anywhere on their current Zeds Dead profiles.

UKF Dubstep, a common go to source for dubstep back in the day, received this track submission from Zeds Dead themselves about 8 years ago, and it has gone on to accumulate a mighty 3,600,000+ million views on the Youtube video.

Play Barletta – Panther (Zeds Dead Remix) on Soundcloud below.

Zeds Dead – Dark Side Dub

A more classic feel to this one, you can quickly recognize an old school dubstep vibe.

Listen to Zeds Dead – Dark Side Dub on Soundcloud below.

Fenech Soler – LA Love (Zeds Dead Remix)

And the last track you will find on the ‘Captainhooks’ Soundcloud page, another classic dub track.

Play Fenech Soler – LA Love (Zeds Dead Remix) on Soundcloud below.

Zeds Dead – Shut Up & Sing V2.0 v Greta Svabo Bech (VIP)

The above clip is a recording I took from their stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at The Rave.

This one is just nuts. I had to check and see if I shit myself.

The Boys teased this during their Northern Lights Tour in late 2016.

The status of this track is also unclear, and it has only been played in their live sets throughout the last year. My guess is that this will continue to be reserved for their live performances.

Go see them live. Please.

Zeds Dead Unreleased EDC Orlando 2013 Intro

Another gem that was recently discovered in the Zeds Dead Fam page. Video by Shane Marshall. Video is not of EDC Orlando but it’s been noted they may have debuted it there.

Zeds Dead Unreleased Northern Lights Tour Intro

Debuted at Dead Rocks 2016, this is without a doubt one of the heaviest tracks they have ever made. Being able to stay balanced on your feet while experiencing this live is downright impossible. If I had a wig on during the times I’ve heard this get played live, it would have been blown off, soared over the crowd, drifted in between the venue entrance doors, and down into the sewers, all while I lose my shit, bald in the crowd.

It is very likely this will remain an exclusive track for live sets.

Delta Heavy – Hold Me (Zeds Dead Remix)

Another shoutout to Ryan Craley from the ZDF Facebook Group page for discovering this one. Song begins to transition halfway through. Apparently played out during live sets many years ago. Not 100% confirmed, as no known remixes found online so far of anything like this.

Datsik x Zeds Dead x Protohype – Fuck Up The Party

Teased back in late 2013 by Datsik, the song never came to be released.

zd datsik pic.png

Brodinski & Noob – Peanuts Club (Zeds Dead Remix)

Credit to Logan Campbell on the Zeds Dead Family Facebook page for finding this one. This track is more than 7 years old with old school rave sounds and a heavy dubstep drop in the last half.

Rinse FM with Plastician – Zeds Dead Mix 2011 (TWO Unreleased Zeds Dead Songs)

Credit to Ryan Craley on the Zeds Dead Family Facebook group for this catch! This Rinse FM mix from the boys contains TWO IDs, starting at timestamps 11:15 and 22:30. The mix is 8 years old.

Zeds Dead – Slow

By far one of my favorite downtempo tracks ever, and if you’ve ever listened to the incredible Zeds Dead Essential Mix, this should ring a bell.

Marked as white label in the tracklist for the Essential Mix, it may remain unfinished, and therefore, the video above is unofficial.

Sublime – Doin Time (Zeds Dead Remix VIP)

Only a brief portion of this white label song was also revealed in the Zeds Dead Essential Mix.

The song appears to be at least 7 years old.

Zeds Dead – Womb

Yet another downtempo and beautiful piece of seemingly unfinished work, Zeds Dead also teases this in the Zeds Dead Essential Mix as a white label track.

Zeds Dead – Purple Galaxy

Another white labeled downtempo tune from the Essential Mix, you can easily distinguish Zeds Dead’s signature sound in this eerie work.

zeds dead adrenaline EP cover art

Zeds Dead – Adrenaline (VIP)

The only traceable clip I could find of this was in the Essential Mix at the 1:08:20 mark.

I have not heard them play it once out of the times I’ve seen them, and there does not appear to be an official release of it. It is likely they’re keeping it stored within their arsenal along with many other deadly weapons should they decide they want to kill us one day.

Zeds Dead – Nostalgia

Found at the 1:38:00 mark in the Essential Mix, we come across another unreleased tune, also downtempo electronic.

Zeds Dead – No Tellin’

First premiered on the Zeds Dead Diplo & Friends Mix 2016, this Drake flipped drum and bass track doesn’t have very much information on it, and the status of it is not known.

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt – DJ Shadow (Zeds Dead Remix)

The above video was taken by Chelsea Baker during Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

Although it does not seem to play long enough before it transitions into Wit Me Dub by Zeds Dead and Megadalon, it is safe to assume this was a unique intro crafted by DC and Hooks to create their desired atmosphere for festival sets.

Zeds Dead Unreleased Dead Rocks 2017 Intro

The above video credit again goes to Chelsea Baker for recording the entire Dead Rocks set, bless her heart.

Debuted at Dead Rocks IV, you can see it played at the beginning of the video, transitioned from another unreleased introduction track created specifically for Deadrocks IV and the Deadbeats Tour.

Zeds Dead x NGHTMRE – ID (Virtual EDC)

Zeds Dead debuted their collab with NGHTMRE at EDC’s Virutal Rave-A-Thon earlier this year on their livestreamed set.

Zeds Dead x Peekaboo – ID

Zeds Dead premiered this collaboration with Peekaboo in 2019 during some live sets (perhaps debuted at Ultra 2019.

Dido – Thank You (Zeds Dead Remix)

Zeds Dead Unreleased Dead Rocks 2019 Night Two After Party Closer

Twitter user Yardy managed to be one of the very few who captured the latest unreleased songs from Zeds Dead. Very little information on what this song is and if it’s part of the forthcoming Deadbeats Collab album. Unfortunately, the Twitter user’s account has since been deactivated and we’re currently left without any known evidence of the song.

And so here concludes the compilation of unreleased and hidden Zeds Dead songs. Share it with some Zeds Dead family!

We hope somewhere you were exposed to something new.

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