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We’ve been blessed with a smooth, vibey new tune. “Can’t Fall in Love Again”  by Yàno is a spirited, feel-good track featuring our favorite type of funk.

Andriu “Yàno” Yanovski is better known as the keyboard player/multi-instrumentalist with Boogie T’s band, BOOGIE T.RIO.  “Can’t Fall In Love Again” is a follow up to the soulful single “Memories,” also released on Drama Club Recordings. They really just can’t miss, can they?

It’s not what you think!

 Despite the song’s title, it’s actually a perfectly happy track to add to your summer playlist. The song reminds us that love is something to celebrate. So remember to keep close to your heart when you have it.

Yano’s soulful sensibility blends with a contemporary pop-influenced sound to create a song that is an instant mood changer. Backed by his old band, Sexual Thunder of New Orleans, the sophisticated writing style and horn instrumentation flow together with modern synthesizers guaranteed to make you feel right at home, no matter what era you grew up in.

This song brings me back to the feels of the summer of 2016. GRiZ was performing at Red Rocks, Pretty Lights was playing at all of the festivals,  and your best friend just grabbed the aux. “Can’t Fall in Love Again” is that perfect chill song to get the vibes right to start off the day.

The story behind the song is one of joy. Yàno says,

This song, despite it’s seemingly sad title, is actually about feeling so happy and in love with someone that you can’t imagine feeling that way about anyone else. It all came together back in 2016, during my senior year of College, when I was hopelessly in love. I actually wrote all of the lyrics and the basic melody for the song in the middle of my ‘History of American Music’ class, because the original lyrics are in the middle of my notebook for that class.

The song is released on all platforms through Drama Club Recordings. Let’s fall in love today 💘

Listen to Yàno “Can’t Help Falling in Love Again” below:

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