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Finally, it is officially the Week of Wreckno and his SHIFT Thursday show in the Mile-High City. The bussy-boppin rapper, producer, and DJ is hitting the road and returning to the bass capital on October 21. Seasons change, tides turn, Thursdays SHIFT, and Wreckno headlines Cervantes; constants that we all have to get used to. Although, this time around, the Thrussy enthusiast has brought some friends along.

Here’s the lo-down on how this lude, crude, and possibly nude night will go.

Huxley Anne as direct support is provocative; still unsure what that exactly means, but we all know how she can get the people going. (Sorry for the lame Blades of Glory reference, Will Ferrell) Denver-local producer BANkaJI will be passing her the metaphorical baton after delivering some deep-dub straight from his grandma’s basement. Shoutout to all grandmas everywhere. Local favorite Mikey Thunder will be kicking off the night as always, setting the vibe as he sees fit.

wreckno shift thursday
Wreckno SHIFT Thursday Lineup

Meanwhile, The Other Side is featuring a GRL Gang Takeover put on by some bada** b*****s – I mean, uber-talented ladies. Tek Savvy, Lemondoza, Plus3, and JEANIE are traveling from near and far to absolutely tear the house down. Remember, if life gives you lemons, please do not throw them at Lemondoza. It’s been a while since Wreckno played at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom during quarantine, and everyone had assigned tables and had to wear masks. Try dancing to the Krabby Patty Secret Formula x Fergie mashup sitting down. Okay, maybe we could have been more creative. Come Thursday; dancing will be encouraged, cliques will be infiltrated, and Medusa will replay over and over in our heads as we try to sleep.

Who Gon Cheq Me? More like, “Come ON Becky, we can’t be late” to Wreckno this SHIFT Thursday, October 21, at Cervantes.


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