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WHIPPASNAPPA” is the 7th release of the year from up-and-coming producer & rapper STICKYFANGAZ, and it is one wild ride. He has consistently been pushing the boundaries of bass music and this song is no different. STICKYFANGAZ cooks up a pot of hip-hop, bass, and house combined with witty lyrics resulting in an unparalleled party vibe.


STICKYFANGAZ overdoses listeners with his unique sound and constantly keeps us guessing.

“WHIPPASNAPPA” is a high-energy, club-friendly track that brings a refreshing spin on traditional electronic music. In the beginning of the song we are met with upbeat vocals and a hard-hitting flow fueled with witty inferences. The bouncy beat immediately makes you want to jump out of your seat and start dancing. STICKYFANGAZ then gives us the ultimate “WTF?!?!” moment with his first-ever house-influenced drop.

Listen to “WHIPPASNAPPA” now!

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