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The term “male-dominated industry” sucks. Luckily, the music scene’s standard is slowly starting to shift, and women, women identifiers, non-binary, and trans individuals are starting to gain the acknowledgment and appreciation they deserve. Not only do we have tons of talented female producers to show love to, but also tons of badass females running sh*t behind the scenes too whether it be artist management, label staff, festival production, publication staff, visual artists, and so on.

If you’ve been watching our socials this month, you’ll notice we’ve been highlighting an artist every day who is changing the industry in a big way. We’ve also had multiple interviews with iconic industry ladies like Shai Ben-David, Tessa Paisan, Kelly Fin, and the women behind WAKAAN. But we wanted to end Women’s History Month with a bang. Electric Hawk reached out to some of our favorite women, women identifiers, non-binary and trans individuals to ask about their industry experiences.

Even though the standard is changing and the scale is becoming more even for many industry women and women identifiers. It’s important to address the divide that was once there and may still be there for many artists. We asked, “What has been your experience working in a “male-dominated” industry” to shed some light on the good and bad of being a woman or woman identifier in this ever-changing industry.

TW: sexual assault and harassment


Green Matter





Maddy O’Neal


Mad Pritch

A Hundred Drums




Water Spirit




Lucille Croft






I hate that this question still has to be asked and that the term “male-dominated” still exists. The divide continues to diminish and the genuine love for music is prevailing. The women and women identifiers above are a testament to hard work and passion helping you succeed no matter the obstacles. To all the badass women out there HAPPY WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH let’s continue to break barriers and crush expectations.

All the artists featured above + so many more can be found in our Women’s History Month Soundcloud playlist!

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March is Women’s History Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate successes and acknowledge struggles women face across the world. If you’re looking to support organizations that educate on women’s health, gender/workplace equity, and more, then look here.

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