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2021 festival lineups have been pouring in faster than we can think back to the last set we saw. We are ready as ever for live music to return and to feel complete again. But, with that being said, we know it is best for some of our most beloveds to, once again, postpone. Tonight, SONIC BLOOM took to Instagram to announce their 2021 festival update.

We need to be certain that we can hold a safe event and we need that confidence many months in advance to properly produce a festival. Unfortunately, we still do not have that certainty…

SONIC BLOOM 2021 Festival Update

SONIC BLOOM will return to Hummingbird Ranch June 16-19, 2022.

This transformational festival, held in scenic Colorado, holds a special place in the hearts of many in our community. The news of its postponement is hard to hear, but we stand by the SONIC BLOOM Team and their decision to keep fans, artists, and staff safe. You can read their full statement, here.

The announcement also states that the SONIC BLOOM 2022 lineup will mirror, to the best of their ability, the what-would-have-been 2020 lineup. AND, Tipper is confirmed to still headline!? Massive shoutout to the BLOOM Team for this, because personally, I looked back at that lineup often and thought, “COVID ripped this from us.” Thankfully, we will get something very similar to what you see below! Fingers crossed for a CharlestheFirst and hawk. set!

SONIC BLOOM 2021 Announcement
SONIC BLOOM 2020 Lineup – 2022 slated to be similar.

SONIC BLOOM’s 2021 update includes one more surprise!

Expanding on their virtual webinar series from last year, Streaming Bloom, is SONIC BLOOM Academy. With the intention of keeping us in the “festival mindset,” the Academy is full of music, festival workshops, performances, and artist interview videos from past years. Those who held onto their tickets, or who purchase 2022 tickets now, have access. Find out more, here!

We look forward to seeing you at the 15th annual SONIC BLOOM in 2022!

SONIC BLOOM 2021 Update

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