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A name you might not have heard before, WELON breaks into the scene with a heavy 4 track EP, Boom Missile. Being released via Full Flex Audio, there’s no surprise this EP has incredible sound design from start to finish.

With a few clips previously posted on his Soundcloud, the 14-year-old, Czech producer has us in awe with the components of his first big release.

Featuring 3 originals and an Exille remix, this will have your riddim arms extended for the full duration. The sound design on this EP solidifies the drive and passion of WELON, also known as Adam.

The title track, “Boom Missile”, starts off the EP with heavy riddim drops and almost melodic bridges. “Snake Murmur” follows that brining in a slow intro into an absolutely insane drop.

To wrap up the Boom Missile EP, we’re left with “Terminal Jam” and “Terminal Jam (Exille Remix). Bringing out more hard hitting Riddim, these two tracks perfectly wrap up this highly original EP.

With WELON being young and making his break into the scene, be sure to check him out! It’s only a matter of time before this teen blows up.

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