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We soar along for a temporary ride with w/out as they release their kaleidoscopic EP, On Ephemeral Wings, released on November 17th. This latest EP immerses the senses of the audience as we fall into the mystic atmosphere w/out crafts for us. While giving us a chance to completely experience what having ephemeral wings may feel like.

w/out on ephemeral wings
Photo Credit: Ashleigh Alexis

“I wanted this EP to expand upon the universe and sound behind the w/out project. I like a lot of different styles of music and I wanted to try and incorporate more of those inspirations into this record. I dabbled a bit in bass-ier sounds, I experimented with adding some elements of my metal background, all while doubling down on the sounds that I think people have come to believe as synonymous with w/out (breaks, dark atmospheres, yet also happy stylings etc.). I’m not sure what people will think of the record but in the end, I know it’s one of the truest things I could have written and it makes me happy.”


Ascending for a brief moment and enduring the events ahead!

Immediately, we hear calls from the distance as the chromatic chimes ring. And through the shadows, w/out emerges, holding onto the multicolored wings. “On Ephemeral Wings” is an introduction to the elegance that is about to be seen from a different perspective. A brief moment to leave the reality we are currently standing on and take that leap, ascending to what is above. While we slip on our new wings, w/out gives us some words of wisdom, “These are only temporary, so enjoy the fleeting moments as you soar.” Naturally, it’s time to head into territories as we rise into the clouds. Now, we are shown the “Suspended Scenes” that have been hidden from us.

w/out on ephemeral wings
Cover Art by: Amit Modak

Following along the journey, w/out grasps the awestruck emotions as we glide through the air. The perplexing and prismatic atmosphere surrounds us as we take it in. “Suspended Scenes” showcases the vibrant elements of our mysterious environment. Through the polychromatic synths and dark undertones, we are able to absorb the ballads w/out’s creation. However, cheerful moments don’t always last forever. We slowly begin to sense the “Feeling of the Wind Gone” as we continue our journey.

As we slip into the abyss of something more ominous, the clouds darken. While the light slowly vanishes, we begin to notice the thundering movements amongst the clouds. “Feeling of the Wind Gone” gives us the opportunity to become acquainted with the isolation and heaviness that comes with soaring. Following along, w/out stuns us with the mixture of melancholy and angst that resides inside us. As a result, the emptiness of the wind gone doesn’t seem to make us feel somber any longer. Instead, we embrace it.

Now comes the everlasting emotions that lead us into the second half!

Next up, as the wind disappears, the clouds slowly move in unison with the breaks and melodies of the next track. “Do U Feel” serenades us as we watch the environment beautifully dance in a chaotic manner. Despite the juxtaposition, there is a harmony that fills us during a quiet moment as we grasp the thrill of emotions that rush through us. After all, the way we put our feelings into words is simply displayed through w/out’s polished yet hypnotic production.

This time, we are now introduced to something newer from w/out. Now, they incorporate the metal elements from their background to heighten the experience. “Kaleidoscopic” transports us through the realm of nostalgia and reality. This track readies us to fully engulf the rawness that comes ahead with polychromatic elements that seep through the goosebumps on our arms. We feel intoxicated by experiencing the wonders that come from seeing the kaleidoscopic environment morph around us. Simultaneously, bringing us into a mesmerizing dazzled experience. Through the meshing of metal and rippling intricacies of electronic soundscapes, a new mind-altering track comes alive for us to love.

Concluding the journey with our wings comes the eternal luxury that is “Cloud Angels.” While we sail through the veils of the sky, we notice the hidden deities. All of them stare through the slowly eroding wings attached to us as they roam around their kingdom. “Cloud Angels” explores the depths of a heavenly package as we are captivated by the iridescent sonic vibrations, allowing us to feel our depleting last sensations in the clouds. And as the song hits its conclusion, we feel gravity draw us back down. Now the moment has fully ended for us, and we stare at the clouds above us, craving for another ride.

Enjoy the memorable flight with w/out and their latest EP On Ephemeral Wings below!

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