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Love continues filling the air as we feel the electric energy consume us while TRYPBOX and BVRRN release their newest single. “Need A Little.” Catch this Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere before the public hears it on February 17th through Gold Digger Records. The supergroup brings passion to the dancefloor since we just “Need A Little” fun and love with everyone around us.

Left to right: BVRRN, TRYPBOX (shot by Gunpowder)

Time to step onto the sparkling dance floor with everyone!

Immediately, the supergroup introduces us with the sensual lyrics, “I just need a little bit of your love,” as they vibrate through the luscious atmosphere. Through the whimsical ambiance, the fluttering syncs and bouncing percussion uplift the environment around us. The melodies simulate the rumbling within our chests, and our heart rate elevates with the track’s chorus. Building this tension while we anticipate the love, the drop hits at last and the bubbly chromatic synths kick in. Finally, we unleash all the bottled-up love we have been saving for this exact moment.

TRYPBOX BVRRN Need A Little cover art

Together, TRYPBOX and BVRRN craft a perfect track that brings your daydreams to life. The euphoric energy that collides in those late nights at the club while you absorb the electricity lingering in the air, feeling the loving heat around you. “Need A Little” allows you to fall into those kaleidoscopic moments that last forever in your head. Nevertheless, this heartthrob of a track makes you want to reach out and share the love that you have to offer. Now is the time to show “a little bit of your love” to someone special!

Don’t be afraid to say that you “Need A Little” love from TRYPBOX & BVRRN!

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