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A hidden gem of the underground, UNKNWN, returns with “Deep Woods,” his first release of the year, and surely not his last. Inviting you to look into the deepest and darkest parts of yourself and find your roots, “Deep Woods” is not fit for the faint-hearted. Sitting at 128 BMP, this is one you will not want to skip.

UNKNWN is carefully carving his name into the symbolic tree of bass music.

The mind behind UNKNWN, Brock Muellner, embodies all that is deep. His inspiration lies with producers like the legend, CharlestheFirst, VCTRE, Of The Trees, and more. And with a single listen of any of his tunes, it is crystal clear that he is in alignment with their artistry. UNKNWN is one to watch in 2022, without a doubt; “Deep Woods” is proof of that!

‘Deep Woods’ is a track that sort of birthed itself, and I’ve never moved to release a song so quickly after making it like I have with this one. I am super excited about it!


The ebbs and flows of “Deep Woods” showcase what UNKNWN has to offer the bass scene. Fragile and organic melodies, with shatteringly hefty beats, make for an intriguing listen and leave us wanting more. We can only hope that Brock has more for us in the near future!

Get lost in the sounds of “Deep Woods” from UNKNWN, below:

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