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If you’re not having the best day so far, we know one thing that can ensure you have a “Good Evening,” turning your speakers up as loud as possible and throwing on that new JamL EP. The four-track EP is a collection of some of the most unique and relentless sounds we’ve heard in a while. “Good Evening” is a true indication that JamL is a master of his craft.

Philadelphia-based JamL continues to prove himself as one of the strongest in the underground. We’ve heard the insane mixes he’s put together for Electric Hawk, Visionary Labs, and many more. As well as his body-rockin, a** shakin flips like “Thot Shit” from Megan Thee Stallion and “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” from BIA. It’s undeniable that JamL knows a thing or two about producing mind-warping dubstep madness.

Good Evening

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Good Evening.” Which effortlessly marries classical instrumentals, sultry vocal samples, and some lethal bass. This track remains unpredictable as JamL weaves listeners through a rollercoaster of sound and energy from start to finish. Nevertheless, “Good Evening” is quite a way to start an EP, letting us know from the jump that we’re in for a treat.

Damn Right

Next up, we have the BITSKY collaboration, “Damn Right.” With BITSKY shredding on the guitar and JamL shredding on the beat, we knew this was about to be a serious situation, and we were damn right. This track offers perfect proportions of rock and dub coming together to create something magical.


Then we have “Jab,” and JamL really lets it all go on this one. Showcasing just how far he can push his sound and driving listeners into the deep unknown. “Jab” has a naturally catchy demeanor accompanied by earth-shattering drops making this track a stand out on the EP. All we know for sure is this track live has the potential to cause some damage.

My Guy

The EP comes to a close with “My Guy.” JamL leaves us with an elegant farewell by tying in another sample of classical keys before annihilating our eardrums one last time. “My Guy” is a bouncy and energetic track featuring the familiar blending of stripped-back soothing instrumentals ebbing and flowing with the inhuman sounds we’ve come to expect from JamL.

If you haven’t taken the time to check out “Good Evening” respectfully, what are you waiting for?

Listen to “Good Evening” from JamL here:

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