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Full of wanderlust energy, Tyler Bogart created a beauty of a track with “Zion.”

Over a year ago Tyler packed his bags and subsequently headed out to breathtaking Boulder, Colorado. However, not before putting “Zion” into the world. It undoubtedly feels as if he’s conveying his story. 

“Zion” draws you in with an alluring guitar together with a deep downtempo bass that effortlessly intertwines with the instrumentals. A multi-talented artist, Bogart plays his own guitar pieces alongside heartfelt, ambient downtempo beats.  

With Zion’s beautiful combination of sounds, Tyler Bogart sends your mind on a meditative journey. 

Naturally, the talented producer hasn’t stopped there.

Since Zion’s release in 2018, Tyler has continued to show immense passion for his work. This year he further blessed us with a handful of singles. Songs such as “Lighthouse,” “Inferno,” and his most recent track – a remix of Hippie Sabotage’s “Rogues” – leave us excited to listen to more of Tyler’s journey.

Listen to “Zion” and more by Tyler Bogart here:

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