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After the release of his Grammy-nominated “Weather” album, Tycho is back with his 3-track EP, “Stress.”

“Stress” is an expansion of his last album. Explaining further, he mentions that he used the EP as a way to bridge his past music with his upcoming album.

I am very pleased to present the first track, Stress, from the upcoming instrumental album. This album and Weather are companion albums; they explore the same core concepts from two totally different perspectives. Stress builds on the foundation of No Stress and expands into new spaces, further defining the message of the song.


While Tycho is known for his euphoric instrumentals, “Weather” featured vocalist Saint Sinner on a number of tracks. In this EP, he gives us the instrumental version of “No Stress.” And although I do love the way Saint Sinner compliments the song, I definitely have a soft spot for instrumentals.

The title track, “Stress,” is a middle ground between the two. No vocals, more than just instrumental, and my personal favorite of the three. But no matter what he chooses to do, Tycho is a wizard of chord progression and creating beautiful atmospheres.

Listen to the “Stress EP” below!

And, as an extra added bonus from the Electric Hawk team, we’ll share a fun little secret we found. Tycho has a website that will curate a playlist for you based off your local forecast. All you have to do is click here, link your location and preferred music streaming service, and it will do the work for you! If you’re a Tycho fan, you’ll love what it puts together.

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