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If you feel like crying and dancing at the same time; boy, do we have just the track for you. Slowpalace and Squired got together and made an admirable melodic dub track, “Distance,” out via Elysian Records. Have you ever been in the middle of a confetti blast at a show or festival and felt just absolutely succumbed by “all the feels?” Well, this song will leave you feeling a lot like that.

“Distance” is an adequately composed 3-minute track that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. From the first moment you press play, you’re welcomed with a beautiful delicate beat that leads to an enchanting drop. The hard-hitting yet subtle breaks make for an especially gorgeous breakdown while sprinkling in the perfect mix of melancholy and bliss.


Electric Hawk also asked Slowpalace for a few words regarding the song. This is what he told us:

Distance is a track that calls back to my past influences and inspirations when I first started making electronic music. Working with Squired was so easy and we had the same vision for how we wanted the song to sound like in the end.


Slowpalace definitely went back to his roots on this one. Partnering up with Squired was essentially a match made in heaven, in result leaving us with this wonderful track. Before the release, Slowpalace said that “this one’s for all the old school heads.”

Finally, if you’re ready for your heartstrings to be tugged in all directions, hit play on “Distance” down below!

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