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Wave thots unite! Teneki and Sudoverse join forces to make a wave classic, “FUSION.” Released with Liquid Ritual, Teneki and Sudoverse combined their huge cybertronic brains to incorporate the sounds of the future into this song.  So let’s hop into our KIA soul and travel through space and time while blasting this song through the speakers.

From start to finish, this hardwave anthem has packed in some high-powered synths and trance-like melodies. As we strap in and drift through the tune, we get put into a daze from the harmonic drops. The first drop is just as electrifying and euphoric as the second one. Each providing the listener with a ride through their emotions. The power from this song makes you want to do the Dragonball Z fusion dance with your homie.

The creative minds behind masterpieces such as ‘WAVESHELL’ and ‘Invisibility’ use the high octane sounds from those records into this track. 

Teneki had this to say about their collaboration:

We wanted to homogenise two minds into one”


Sudoverse explains how they combined their big smooth brains in “FUSION.”:

We morphed Trance, emotion, and our sublime connection to forge our sounds into Fusion” 


The wave music scene only continues to grow. Liquid Ritual helps artists bring a unique genre forward with support from all over the world. As the community continues to build, we have to thank artists like Teneki, Sudoverse, and many others for pushing wave music into the future.

Listen to “FUSION” by Teneki and Sudoverse: 

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