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Schooling us all on her ways of modern bass music, The Librarian shares, miss u. The sparkling 6-track EP has been widely anticipated after the release of a dynamic double-sided single “Howe Sound / miss u” and her recent Okeechobee smash. This EP highlights The Librarian’s fusion of quirky DnB with dance-floor-ready jungle and we are thoroughly enjoying it.

Intended as an ode to the dance floor, The Librarian did not play around when creating miss u.

In an Instagram post, Andrea Graham, better known as The Librarian, writes, “to the wildly eccentric community of music lovers who were separated over the past two years… the EP is a hopeful story intended for when we meet again surrounded by sound.”

The Librarian miss u Cover

Upon pressing play, exhilarating basslines rush through the speakers. That dance floor energy that she intends for us to feel remains so present. Although “Howe Sound,” gives off a doomy start, it is vivid with emotion and we can’t help but groove. “Take Flight” is where things start to pick up on miss u. Upbeat vocal samples and a swift, yet calming, melody carry this DnB masterpiece. While it initially appears to be moody and gentle, the bubbly complexity of “Impulse” is overflowing with hope, allowing all worries to wash away on the dance floor.

Following the trend of tunes to let lose to is, “miss u,” the title track. The psychedelic garage-y beat will inspire you to move in ways you haven’t in years! The Librarian blended genres seamlessly to create a deeply meaningful track. Next up is, “Vengeance,” a cryptic 140 tune full of layers. And if you don’t play this one loud, you are doing it wrong. The EP closes out with “Flex.” It’s the kind of track that keeps you moving and in your own little world.

The Librarian’s craft speaks for itself. So, if you would like to catch a set of hers, which we highly reccomend, check out her upcoming tour dates, below.

April 15th – Seattle, WA
April 23rd – Vancouver, Canada
May 13th – The Untz Festival – Mariposa, CA
May 25th – Lightning in a Bottle – Bakersfield, CA
+ more to come!

Study up on the latest from The Librarian, miss u, with us below. We would love to hear what you think!

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