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Tetranauts is bringing the beauty of the stars and the wrath of a meteor storm on that ass with ‘Third Encounter’. So strap into the rocketship and get ready to blast off to the melodic dubstep galaxy.

Finding inspiration from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Tetranauts conceived ‘Third Encounter’. The song starts crescendoing upwards with an Illuminati type beat and fierce kicks and snares. Throw in some space and experimental sounds before the drop explodes like the big bang. The drops fuses futuristic sounds with deep bass undertones while also tossing in some horns and more sounds from outer space. This whole track is high energy and a vibe, even though I think the Tetra gang of Nauts created this song using sounds of UFO’s passing by their house along with weird alien noises. 

‘Third Encounter’ is the climax of a trifecta of songs in the Tetranauts Contact Series. The other two songs Preceding ‘Third Encounter’ are “Arrival” and “Invaders”. Both tracks touch on future and experimental bass, making them both wobbly and harmonic. Cheers to space bass and the Tetranauts for making this track such a vibe!

Listen to ‘Third Encounter’ here:

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