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Remember how I said how Project 46 and Kaskade had a collaboration coming? Well, it is here! The last time we heard these two names was in 2013 with their track ‘Last Chance.’ Joining forces, 7 years later, Kaskade and Project 46’s ‘Chains’ is set to be one of the many invigorating tracks of year.

“Chains” opens like a classic Kaskade song; melodic piano chords, some light percussion, a vibey, ethereal female vocal over a light beat. The hook “I’m free of love, but still in chains” is very affecting. After the verse, though, the track takes an unexpected turn. We get some massive melodic synths and all of sudden you’re at the festival main stage. “Chains” is a euphoric and booming progressive house track. This is an absolute treat and definitely a sound we haven’t heard from Kaskade in a while.

This new decade is going to bring new music from various artists, but Project 46 has something HUGE cooking for fans around the world. With each new track they have released, the same picture has been used. Could this be the cover for a possible new EP? I guess we are going to have to wait and see!

Check out Kaskade and Project 46’s ‘Chains’ down below and let us know what you think!

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