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It’s time to get that green thumb and feel that Spring fever with Tatum Gale and their newest single “Botanical Babe” released April 8th. The first single off his upcoming album Pretty Green, to be released in March 2023. A track ready to bring out the sunshine and vibrant energy to your houseplants and release your carefree spirit into the universe.

Tatum Gale Press Photo

Turning green with Tatum Gale throughout “Botanical Babe”

Immediately, Tatum Gale brings that funky and energetic glow that springs you out of your bed to begin your day in the right groove. Ready to greet all the beautiful plants surrounding your household, with a luminous “hello” as you begin to prep for your day. While you begin your day with the stove on, prepping your morning tea and dancing throughout your home. The tasteful disco-esque/nu-funk energy overflows in the air and brings the plants to life. The thumping sounds and synths get the leaves and petals dancing to the rhythm as you lose control of your body as well. Now fully immersed in the animated scene occurring, you can’t help yourself mouthing the words, “Cruella, Prescilla, Bosanova” repeatedly. No better way to start your day than as you cheerfully smile along to your now buoyant and peppy morning.

Botanical Babe Artwork

Nonetheless, “Botanical Babe” is that infectious track that will brighten your day and get those muscles grooving along. The perfect anthem for the plant-lovers to put on during the days you are home doing your daily watering and just trying to let loose from your hectic day. Tatum Gale creates an upbeat and bouncy track that brings the sunshine on your most gloomy day. Naturally, “Botanical Babe” will hypnotize you and the aura around you will slowly change to green. As you feel the harmony and warmth that comes along with listening to Tatum Gale’s newest track.

Dance along with your houseplants to “Botanical Babe” below!

Water Your Plants with Tatum Gale
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