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Back again with yet another sound-bending release to charm our ears and minds is OAKK. This mega-prolific musician has been delivering massive amounts of music to fans over the last year and a half, and Palms/Canary is his most recent creation. Ebbing away from heavy bass and flowing towards a lighter lo-fi infused sound, this project shows a different side of the Canadian artists skill set.

Known for his keen ear and one-of-a-kind spins on bass music, OAKK stands in a league of his own. Mastering everything from crushing bass to ethereal turned-down tunes, his diverse discography has a song for every moment. You can also check out what keeps him inspired with his regularly-updated Spotify playlist In Rotation.

OAKK hinted at an incoming audial slow down in his exclusive interview with Electric Hawk, and we are ecstatic to hear the final product. Palms/Canary conjures up images of a utopian paradise, with each title perfectly evoking the energy of the respective track. “Palms” is an earthy, tribal-inspired beauty, while “Canary” takes a more ethereal head-in-the-cloud route with floaty vocals and sunny chords. Whatever your warm-weather vibe may be, there’s a spot in your summer playlists for OAKK.

Listen to Palms/Canary and sail away into a tropical paradise with OAKK right here.

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