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Giving us a glimpse into the deepest depths of our psyche through sound is TALEX and his interstellar new EP, Project: Stargate. Blending influences that range from R&B to glitch hop, this 4 part offering is a beautiful, spaced-out journey through sound, and we at Electric Hawk have the exclusive first listen.

Project: Stargate gains its namesake from the infamous CIA program created to test the truth behind psychic phenomena and its real world application and benefits. Eventually disbanded after a lack of evidence, the questions asked in this experiment remain unanswered. TALEX attempts to shed some light on the matter through an audial experience meant to guide the listener not only deep into their own subconscious, but to find the answers themselves.

Composed of 4 standout tracks, this intergalactic EP is over flowing with mind-bending sound production as well as perfectly placed vocals. Intended to be listened to from start to finish for maximum effect, we can promise you that this collection certainly does exactly what it was created to do.

Let TALEX be your guide on a journey deep into your own inner world.

Kicking off the EP is “Relaxation,” a dreamy track that softly guides you into a mediative state through calming words and sound. “Stargate” slows down the clock with a glitchy hip-hop bassline and extra-terrestrial synths. While “Hypnotic” puts the listener in a trance with a more toned-down astral melody. Completing the journey is “Case Study,” a chill hip-hop track coupled with space-inspired lyrics from up and coming rap artist Malik Elijah.

We are over the moon for this distinct and beautifully thought out EP from TALEX’s talented mind. This collection fits in perfectly with the rest of his out-of-this-world discography, and we are eager to see where he will use sound to transport us to next.

Check out the Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere of Project: Stargate right here:

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