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scheme delivers driving drums on his newest single, “EKKA,” released on March 25. Based in Florida, he puts unique twists on drum and bass, halftime, and neuro. scheme undoubtedly oozes creative talent at just the age of 17; he is certainly a part of the wildly talented youth coming up in electronic music. “EKKA” shows how scheme continues growing his production abilities.

scheme teases “EKKA” on Instagram a day before it’s release.

“EKKA” is a cacophony of drums.

scheme opens “EKKA” with hollow snares and punching bass sounding like a rapid heartbeat. Following is a brief lull in the pounding percussion, leaving distant droning synths. Then a metallic whirring joins in, pulling the listener out of the hypnotic interlude and into the grooving onslaught of drums. Without a doubt, the neuro and drum and bass influences are on display; staccato hi-hats and snares unexpectedly enter a driving drum and bass pattern. Meanwhile, unconventional composition and well-placed flourishes bring out the neuro producer in scheme.

I really wanted to focus on percussion in this track, as I was really interested in pushing rhythm to the forefront of the tune. I feel like it was a worthwhile dive into a new sound for me, and great way to begin the year musically.

– scheme

Deep bass frequencies paired with industrial snares create a sinister atmosphere. However, high-pitched tapping and whirring add a slight playful attitude to “EKKA.” Not only does “EKKA” boast his production talents, but it also illustrates different sides of his personality. Indeed, this track is an impeccable amalgamation of different sides of scheme.

Immerse yourself in the drums and listen to “EKKA” below!

Cover art for “EKKA” by scheme.

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