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Super Future and SESH have came through with “Air Bender“, an astonishing and atmosphere-rattling track from the new “Samsara Vol. 5” Mixtape that swirls with an ethereal tone which only adds contrast to the heavy pitch-shifting melodic stabs that snatches the listener’s attention so swiftly. The surprising shift in mood is so well crafted and addictive that it grasps at the listener to run it back just to feel the bass once more.

Air Bender

Super Future

This song comes as a gift from the newly released Samsara Vol. 5 Project, as the two producers have for the most part released ethereal future bass or downtempo tracks lately, such as Super Future’s “Transcendence” ,  and Sesh’s “Raindance” EP, but they are certainly no stranger to more aggressive bass music like Sesh’s collab with Patches O’Malley, “Evergreen“. The diversity of the two artists establishes them as clear tastemakers, and very well worth diving deeper into their catalog and future.


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Listen and share the duo’s “Air Bender” and check out “Samara Vol.5″ here.


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Super Future

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