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HE IS BACK. After dropping his remix to Seven Lions, Dezolent is back with “Sleepless.” This track is a GREAT way to start off July. From “Introspection” to a fire remix and now this piece of art, Dezolent has been more than outstanding with his projects. Quarantine has been prime time for creativity and Dezolent has gone to the max with “Sleepless.”

To start off, the track opens up with a light trance, quick but quiet. You then hear the buildup growing before falling into a beautiful drop. Dezolent brings his own twist to the game, allowing himself to showcase his own skills. By doing so, attentions are grabbed, especially by this track that allows us to feel some type of way. 

“Sleepless” goes from 0-100 with the energy staying at 100 throughout the entirety of the track. Even though he has his own sound, this track brings a vibe that’s very reminiscent of Seven Lions. 

Hopefully everyone gets to hear this track at a festival sometime soon. For now, stream it however many times as you can because everyone deserves to give it a listen. Stay tuned to see what else Dezolent has planned, because we know it’s going to be outstanding.

Listen to “Sleepless” down below and let us know what you think!

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