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Blossoming onto the scene like new growth after the spring rain is Saturna. After the November release of his widely acclaimed Departure EP via Sacred Hive, Saturna is back with “Luna” – a mystifying single that will hypnotize you from start to finish. Continuing to prove why he deserves the spotlight with each release, today we’re here to give you an exclusive first listen to his latest masterpiece.


Born in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Dez Baker is the artist behind the Saturna project. Compelled with a love for music at a young age, Dez eventually made his way into the electronic hemisphere through Deadmau5. And, more specifically, Flume’s self-titled debut album.

Bouncing between genres throughout his artistic journey, Dez would eventually land on the side of organic, freeform bass music. Drawn to a mix of other-worldly soundscapes and deep bass rhythms, Dez has one goal in mind – to create the feeling of escapism.

I have always loved that music can take you away from any moment just as easily as it can ground you in one. I try to create music that can amplify any emotion that someone may be feeling.

Dez Baker / Saturna

“Luna” is a track filled with life and intention. Each sound, ebbing and flowing in synchronicity, takes you to a place of wonder. The experience begins with an otherworldly intro and spellbinding vocals. Then, as you progress through this diaphanous introduction, you’re filled with a sense of discovery before a pulsing bass frequency consumes you. Saturna utilizes each measure with precision and expertise.

Saturna transmutes the sounds of nature into a sentient, sonic lifeform that is worthy of your adulation. The Canadian talent refuses to break stride as he pursues his artistic vision with an unyielding passion. This is only the beginning.

Listen to “Luna” by Saturna below, and pre-save the single here

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