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Insomniac head honcho, Pasquale Rotella, just launched a cannabis brand called RNBW! Eventually, it will be sold at all Insomniac events. While music and cannabis culture have always gone hand and hand, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the legal movement picking up momentum within our scene. With six tasty strains launched this week, we’re eager to hear the reviews on it!

After getting our hands on GRiZ’s recently launched cannabis brand, we’re thrilled to see what Pasquale has in store for us. The thought of being able to not only freely consume but PURCHASE goodies at your favorite festivals is truly delightful. You can get your hands on 3.5 grams of RNBW Cannabis for $50 (before state taxes).

While it’s not available at EDCLV this week, you can pick it up at various retailers around Las Vegas now. Moving forward it appears you’ll see a pre-order option on the RNBW website; click here to pre-order for Escape!

RNBW is a premium brand for creators, music lovers, and believers in the power of cannabis.
It’s inspired by the way that sound and color moves you. We use the concept of a prism to represent our collective experiences. Each of us, an individual ray of light refracted through that prism displaying a spectrum of colors and memories.

Pasquale Rotella via
Feature image shot by Doug Van Sant at EDC Mexico 2020.

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