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Nothing sounds better than being a part of the energy that helps close the summer. The fifth annual return of Rezz Rocks has finally arrived this Labor Day weekend at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Two nights to end the summer with Rezz and openers like isqa, Rossy, Lab Group, Ivy Lab, and more! Naturally, the event has become a true tradition for fans to return to and cultivate into a singular space. With the new stage design, “The Spectacle, and other surprises up Rezz’s sleeve, it truly became a weekend to remember!

Rezz Rocks V
Photo Credit: Tessa Paisan

The weekend starts early with Rezz Rocks!

As the night is in motion, the crowd eagerly waits along the steps of Red Rocks. We can feel the intensity build in the atmosphere. The lights turn off, and a loud vibration fills the crowd; they roar while we are mesmerized by the introduction visuals. Once Rezz appears and walks toward the decks, the crowd witnesses the new production from the first note. “The Spectacle” begins to hypnotize, as they emulate similar to Rezz’s glasses. A tasteful element plays behind the LED wall, and the crowd immerses themselves back into the melodies performed.

Throughout the night, the established artist showed a wide range of music for the audience. From playing the classics like “Edge” and “Life and Death” to also showcasing artists from her Hypnovizion label. While under her hypnosis, the night continuously grew in energy as both OGs and new fans witnessed the mesmerizing elements of Rezz. As the night progressed, from behind, we began to hear the cheers grow louder as heads tilted toward the sky. By surprise, our eyes finally saw the next-level demonstration of drones dancing above the stage. The drones began to align with different elements of Rezz, like her logo, the glasses, a spider, and more that captivated everyone, both in the sky and on the stage.

Rezz Rocks V always brings a memorable tradition for fans!

For their fifth edition back in Colorado, Rezz Rocks has become a staple for fans to gather for a weekend and reconnect. Through all the smiles and hugs in the crowd, you can notice the love in the air within the community. The weekend became a spectacle in itself, from watching all the openers perform to watching the finale of each night and leaving happy. The new tradition for many fans, from regulars to new ones, the events continue to be radiant and hypnotize us into wanting to come back every year!

Rezz Rocks V Spectacle
Photo Credit: Tessa Paisan

It was an unforgettable night for everyone who attended Rezz Rocks V!

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