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Electric Hawk, Magnetic Oasis, and Republik Presents proudly announce a fundraising event + livestream for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. On March 20th in Denver, Colorado at Antero Hall, artists and fans will have the chance to join together in an environment with safety at the forefront. A model example of what live-events should be.

Republik Presents Event

Live Events? In a Panini?!

Listen, I get it. Trust me. It’s been a year without live music. The thought of anything being “safe” seems like a pipe-dream at this point. We’ve all seen the footage. We’ve scolded the reckless. And while we want to support our venues and favorite artists, events have been put on the backburner. I’ve never been a fan of drive-ins personally. And I refuse to be a part of the problem by attending these super-spreader events. But I’ve always been taught to give credit where credit is due.

With the live music climate changing alongside the vaccination roll-out, the fact is: live events are coming sooner rather than later. President Biden recently announced that by May 1st, the vaccine will be available to ALL adults. This means that by late summer into fall, large-scale events are actually probable. And I think that we all deserve that little bit of hopeful optimism after this past year. But while we still have a while until May, we need to remain cautious. Republik Presents knows this. And executed this principle beautifully.

Republik Presents Event

Republik Presents: Event Safety

  • Indoor Seated Events and Entertainment – 50% capacity or 175 persons, whichever is reached first.
  • Masks will be required at all times, by all involved, with no exceptions, including in restrooms.
  • Social Distancing between tables will be required.
  • Contact Tracing will be done by Antero Hall, at the box office.
  • Temperature Checks will be done by Antero Hall, at the entry point.
  • Max 1-2 households per table.
  • Brand ambassador/s will be patrolling the premises to enforce rules.
  • Server/bartender will be available to take table orders.

On top of these precautions, Denver is currently in what’s called “Level Blue.” It’s a dial framework created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It’s levels depend on three metrics; the number of new cases, the percent positivity of COVID-19 tests, and the impact on hospitals. Level Blue means a variety of things. But in short, Republik Presents is going above and beyond to ensure the safety of everyone attending and performing at this event. And we are eager to lend a helping talon.

Quarantine Kings and Queens Rejoice…

Still want to play it extra safe? We got you covered. The entire event will also be streamed on our Twitch channel. That’s right! Nightbot is defrosting as we speak. Come through and catch ZLEN, shwiLLy, yvga, as well as Bread Winner live from wherever you have internet access. Either way, you will NOT want to miss this. So if you haven’t already, follow our Twitch channel and turn those notifications on. We’ll see you there.

A Fundraiser for a Noble Cause.

AFSP is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and their work matters. We cannot stress how important it is to continue having these discussions about mental health. Now, in 2021, it seems that the stigma around asking for help is starting to dwindle. But there is still much more work to be done. And the numbers, while glaring, are important to understand so we can truly realize the issues we still face.

In 2019, 47,511 Americans died to suicide, with an estimated 1.38 million attempts. On average, there are 130 suicides per day. And the age-adjusted suicide rate in 2019 was 13.93 per 100,000 individuals. In a survey, 93% of adults in the U.S. believe that suicide can be prevented. But in order to make a change, we need to first take action.

So Join Us and Take Action

Whether you’re making the trip to Denver or enjoying from the comfort of your own home; let’s come together and raise some money for our fellow humans.

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Find out more about what you can do to help prevent suicide.
Become an Advocate for Suicide Prevention

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March is Women’s History Month. An opportunity to celebrate the successes and also acknowledge the difficulties women face across the world. If you’re looking to support organizations that work to promote women’s health, gender equality, workplace equality, community development, and more, you can do that here at this time.

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