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Grabbitz recently released Let Them Only See Butterflies with Monstercat on August 11th. Known for his mesmerizing voice and power with instruments, Grabbitz previously collaborated with artists like Rezz, Deadmau5, Sullivan King, and more. On the same night as the EP release, he began his tour Grabbitz: The Live Experience in Denver, Colorado. Just like the name of the tour states, it was indeed live with various instruments and quite the experience.

Located at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, openers Covex, MayFlwr, and Kases fired up and energized the crowd for the opening night of the tour. Grabbitz debuted new tracks from the EP, as well as fan favorites, “Die For You,” “Signal,” and “Into Pieces (Wooli x Grabbitz Remix).” There’s something extra special about seeing such a powerful artist at an intimate venue. He feels closer to us – not only physically but transcendentally, as the music transports us all to the same place.

Grabbitz taken by Samantha Camp

Time to see butterflies.

At first glance, the track titles seem to take us on an emotional journey – maybe the stages of grief and anger? The first track starts from a place of sadness and, throughout the EP, we proceed through anger to acceptance. Is this the case? Let’s let the butterflies in.

Probably Our Last Conversation” draws on emotions that we’re all familiar with – catching up with an ex or someone who isn’t in your life anymore. It’s slow, taking us through a conversation that hurts. It centers the feelings that we’ve tried to bury but, sooner or later, they rise to the surface.

Quickly, “SURRENDER PEACE!” hits our ears and bones. As the energy picks up, curiosity does too. We’re entering the next phase of emotions: anger. “I got a hole inside me where my heart used to be. I never know what’s killing me until I’m on my knees. Burning alive inside, sometimes it feels sweet.” Through the quick beats, Grabbitz’s voice consistently draws us back to the center throughout the slow and fast elements of this track.

Up next and needing no introduction, “The World Is So Fucked Up” shakes our world. Piercing through the core, this track, in collaboration with YULTRON, gives us those angsty feelings we didn’t know we needed. Honing in on Grabbitz’s love for rock, this one is heavy and glitchy.

Let’s unwind.

The Calm Before… (Interlude)” slows things down, allowing us to catch our breath and clear our minds. Not for long, though.

“Hero” has a bubbly intro that goes back and forth through our eardrums, pulsing through our brains and thoughts. The energy picks back up, entering the healing stage of this journey. Grabbitz’s emotions in “Hero” are heavy, but, just like the breath in the background, this feels like a big exhale. It feels like we’re healing.

The “Slow Dance” intro scratches the itch in our brains. The steady beat encapsulates us in our feelings. Is Grabbitz looking inward? “Is I enough for me to be here? Am I enough for you out there? Supposed to be somebody’s Jesus. But no single person cares.” The track is synthesizing, capturing Grabbitz’s yearning for more in this chaotic world. “I want to slow dance, but I don’t want to move.” This is relatable – trying to find your footing and place in a world that’s so much bigger than yourself.

Let It Bloom” starts slow, but leaves us craving more. As Grabbitz’s voice cuts through, there’s a sense of warmth and security here. Is this the place for embracing growth? The lyrics, “The wheels in your mind gonna slow down, the grips on your heart letting go now,” confirm the stage of acceptance here. To let go and “let things bloom” is truly a beautiful experience in growth.

Grabbitz live in Denver, Colorado
Grabbitz taken by Samantha Camp

Grabbitz’s power and love for music are so strong in Let Them See Only Butterflies. He took us on an emotional ride, one that we’re all familiar with but might have struggled to put into words. Grabbitz thoughtfully released a striking EP in tandem with the tour. Trust us when we say this tour is something not to miss. from the openers, visuals, new tracks, familiar tracks, and closing performance, it’s truly unforgettable. Be sure to see if Grabbitz is coming to a venue near you.

Listen to Let Them Only See Butterflies now!

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