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This past weekend, we were sent for a blast to the past in some loving nostalgia in getting to see NERO perform as a trio for the first time since 2017 at Red Rocks. This time, the British trio returns to Red Rocks alongside Kaskade and Deadmau5 for an unforgettable night altogether. NERO unleashes the tangible memories that can transport a lot of us back to when we began our electronic music journey.

Nero Red Rocks

Nothing like a blast from the past watching NERO perform at Red Rocks!

With great anticipation, the crowd waits in the crisp evening Colorado air as the energy within the stands grows. Immediately as the lights turn off, a huge roar erupts as we watch the LEDs begin to light up on the stage. As the lights flicker, the trio emerges onto the stage while the thundering chords of “Satisfy” begin to play. Alana Watson, the singer of NERO, belts the haunting lyrics, “I can feel it tonight…” the audience around sings along with the trio.

Following such an incredible introduction to their set, it didn’t stop there. NERO gives the audience treats from their first album Welcome Reality to keep the energy levels at an all-time high. The crowd beamed with smiles and electricity as the trio got the crowd under their spell. Until now, a majority of newcomers into the scene never got to witness the elegance of the trio performing together as a whole. The stellar energy from the trio and getting to watch Alana Watson sing along to the classics of “Promises” and “Me and You” with the duo behind her, left the crowd speechless.

Nevertheless, NERO never disappoints with their performances but this was a rare opportunity to witness. While enjoying the classics from our past, getting edits of beloved tracks, and being treated with some unreleased gems, NERO set the tempo for the rest of the evening. All throughout the crowd, you could hear the amazement from their mouths at how unbelievable NERO was and the disbelief that they were witnessing a set like that. For the remaining of the evening, the blast from the past didn’t end there as we also got legendary Kaskade and Deadmau5 to close out the night. However, “The Thrill” all started with NERO and we couldn’t be happier to receive a set we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

Take a look at the photo gallery we took at this unforgettable NERO set!

Reminisce with us as we fall back into our nostalgia trip listening to NERO again!

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