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Notixx has gathered a heavy-hitting lineup of talent for remixes on his Wormhole and Infinity EP’s. Truly proving that two is better than one, we now have the OG and the remix to binge stream.

The Infinity and Wormhole EP’s dropped about five months ago. If you say, you haven’t listened to them every day since I’ll be forced to call your bluff. Each EP contains a collection of huge hybrid bass tunes, and are some of the nastiest things I’ve ever heard. Notixx brought in Pluto Era, Wolf-e-Wolf, REZI, BooZ, and Astral Insight to twist and transform his original tunes.

Nightshade (Wolf-e-Wolf and BooZ remixes)

“Nightshade” is a deep and dark heavy dub tune, filled with plenty of wonks and wubs. Wolf-e-Wolf starts us off with a suspenseful beginning before going into this insane drop, where he piled a few more layers onto the original version. BooZ takes a totally different approach coming in and flipping “Nightshade” upside down, including a dubby and choppy powerhouse drop.

One Two (Pluto Era Remix)

“One Two” has a crazy beat that is all it’s own and can instantly get you moving. Notixx truly hits us with that one-two with his drop that has so many layers, I lost count. Pluto Era takes the more ominous path and makes the drop wet, wobbly, and overall weird. I’m going to need a long hot shower after listening to this remix.

Bust This Roof Down (REZI Remix)

The current state of my roof is…busted down. From start to finish, Notixx just kept taking this track to the next level. REZI comes in and turns this track into something all his own. Making the slightest tweaks but transforming the sound altogether. The deep layers, echos, and added chops, REZI turns everything up a notch.

Future Weapons (Astral Insight Remix)

“Feature Weapons” is such a fun track, a dirty wobbly beat with drums so clean you could eat off them. Not to mention perfectly matched vocal samples. Astral Insight gives us more of a dreamy dub (if that’s not a genre, it should be) vibe with this remix. Staying true to the vocals, but giving the beat a more funky and midtempo twist.

I haven’t seen a lineup in a while… but this lineup of artists was just about perfect for these remixes. Each artists’ style complimented Notixx’s like it was the first date, and they were reallllllly trying to impress their boo.

Stream each of the Notixx remixes here.

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