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Grab your sunglasses and drinks because it’s time to get ready to party this summer with Dash Berlin’s “Stay”; which is his remix of Nicky Romero’s track. Although he is a big room name, fans were able to hear Romero’s soft melodic pop side when he originally released “Stay” in February. The track is a perfect combination of nostalgic vocals and gentle instruments that bring back memories of being on the dance floor. The progressive drop within it binds the track together, allowing it to become a dance-pop ballad that has crowds everywhere belting it in unison when it is played. 

Just when we thought things could not get better, Dash Berlin gives the euphoric interpretation of “Stay” we did not know we needed. Berlin takes the original’s gentle melodies and adds in his signature electro-progressive pop sound, blending it with the uplifting synths and big room basslines that will you dancing all night long. Romero’s original track is perfect for cruising around town and for the multiple pool parties that are going to happen. Dash Berlin’s “Stay” was born for the festival stages and club dance floors. 

Berlin’s edition of this track was released on Romero’s Protocol Recordings. Stay tuned to see what the crew over at Protocol has in store for us this summer!

Check out ‘Stay’ down below and let us know what you think! Out now on Protocol Recordings

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